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Qat Chew!

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Qat Chew!

Post by MANSOOR ALI on Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:14 am

Yemen, Al .. Out of the tunnel (6): Health khat is consumed, water .. The Yemenis are divided about

Spend on the purchase of 4 million dollars a day *, vigorous steps
to replace the cultivation of qat, fruit trees and transfer to markets
outside the cities and the replacement of the meetings of the useful
storage sports
One aspect of the capital markets of the Yemeni khat ( «Middle East»)

Two of the vendors whose khat review the sale proceeds on the road north of Sana'a, Amran Department

Khat trees planted in the garden of a house north of Sanaa

Sanaa: Abdul Sattar Htip

«Khat khat Jnni,».

«Azwp Central (place of storage) Znzini,». «Rugby Qmtunai Duffy
(me as a child wrapped Baalghemat),». «First Udi Ya Tamah,». «Go to
time gotten you, (I mean, if he was mad)».

Feel free such Stanzas central Yemen, it has become a large part
of them is aware of the problem with staying in the chewing of khat
plant, which was removed from his bushes planted everywhere, and gives
the absorption Asartha, a sense of Balkhaddr delicious, and happiness
for several hours, followed by the case of the nerves and the loose
Chagrin and sadness. This realization that khat has become a problem,
not only from users, but has become an obsession for the discussions of
politicians, jurists, too, it seems a long way to eliminate the
practice among Yemenis about a hundred years. And ideas that seem
small, can grow and turn into reality, says Abdullah, a Yemeni, we
collected the «Council of storage». Such a place is in the majority of
Yemeni houses, a room or a hall attached to home, where the friends and
acquaintances, in the afternoon, and each share comes from the plant
khat, a meeting to start chewing and relaxation, and exchange stories,
or watching television or reading newspapers and surfing the Internet,
free mind and the mind net, mixing fiction and reality and sometimes to
the extent that fantasy. The Abyssinia, in Africa, is the original home
of the leaf. It is believed that many Yemenis Abrehe came to the
Arabian peninsula, eluded him until the demolition of the Kaaba, so
that the people of the island and Numbs «Ibsthm», to be able to
fulfillment. And passed through the centuries, and Abrehe disappeared,
leaving one of the most important weapons «khat».

According to the farm peoples, and we sit in the spacious hall
dedicated to storage, in the second half-hour of the day, Abdul Wadud,
the area of Omran, said that usually chew khat, and storage on the side
of the mouth, is the surprise of the visit Yemen for the first time,
shows that since the 200 This year was usually confined to those who
know in Yemen, until recently, the rulers and the rich layer, owing to
higher oil prices, exceeding the capacity of the public or the habit of
buying storage. Today, all Yemeni agriculture can park his khat trees,
eat a share, and sell the share ».

And the laying of Abdul Wadud, in about twenty years, more than a
thousand trees, one of the more than 300 million trees planted
throughout the peoples of Yemen.

Not only the story of the other stories «Abrehe» Habashi, but the
increase was attributed to the story again during the Ottoman rule and
the front in the nineteenth century, and the first half of last
century, one account says that the Ottoman rulers who imposed heavy
taxes on the Yemeni coffee growers, prompting a lot of Yemen farmers to
replace the cultivation of qat cultivation of coffee, and unfair tax
policy adopted by the ruling front after the departure of the Ottomans,
Yemen, Yemenis are expanding to make more and more in the cultivation
of khat at the expense of the cultivation of coffee. According to one
of the studies prepared by the Yemeni specialized centers on khat, the
leaf-chewing this shrub, and stored in the mouth, and held their own
boards of storage, gathering friends and loved ones, the folk customs
of the beginning of the last quarter of the nineteenth century, «Since
the beginning of the twentieth century entered the poorest among khat
users, including women and students ». And a sense of the enormous,
about 40 minutes of chewing khat plant, in the Abdelouadoud, is
Torpidly sense of light, gives you the excitement of approaching
euphoria after smoking the drug (hashish). But the owner objected,
saying: It is «not hashish, because khat is not harmful to the body, is
Encick concerns, and ease the nerves and calm your thoughts», says an
advocate for trees planted in the courtyard of his house, and planted
on the mountain opposite his degrees: «storage khat is you packer (ie,
is busy thinking about you) ». Khat bushes are not widespread in the
rural farmlands just wide, but found on the cities, in the gardens of
houses, farms alongside khat farms grapes. According to Kamal, a truck
driver lean body and face, was sitting at the Council of khat
Abdelouadoud: «You khat that Iillh (ie, has a strong effect on the
mind), you khat or qat al-Hamadani Arhabi». The price starts Zarip
(package) of khat, in the volume of Watercress Zarip in Egypt, from
1000 rials (about 5 dollars), the land price according to the type of
khat, and the extent of impact, to about 250 rials to the peoples of
the type «Yemeni honey», 150 rials to the ordinary peoples .

The driver of the truck and stored throughout the duration of
which remains awake, that is «khat addicts,» he said, according to «the
motor of the vehicle was conducted, and I extend my hand in the bag,
with the first movement for the transfer of parts (Afattis), begin in
the storage, Okhozn sometimes without food all day, and I Okhozn on the
road, at home, with my friends ».

The storage needs to drink a lot of water, and that is the view
common in the streets of major cities in the country, boys selling
bottled water, for khat Mkhozni drivers of private cars and taxis,
transport, and the price per bottle is between SR 100 and SR 50, and
consuming the driver of the truck, about 5 bottles a day, with the fact
that this man is paid an average of sixty thousand riyals (about 300
dollars), says: «the more the duration of Okhozn be held on Thursday
and Friday, and a lot about 3000 rials per day, while in ordinary days,
I Okhozn approximately 1000 to Real 2000 per day, at the beginning of
my work in the drive, and I'm 18 years old, I Okhozn after work, I can
not continue to drive the car and I'm in storage, but after a period of
get used it it has become normal. Best khat Hamedani Arhabi and
blindness, and there Hodaida khat and khat al-Shami, who comes from the
province's argument », the neighboring province of Amran, north-west

جانب من أحد أسواق القات بالعاصمة اليمنية («الشرق الأوسط»)
اثنان من باعة القات الجائلين يراجعان حصيلة البيع على قارعة الطريق بمديرية عمران شمال صنعاء
شجر القات مزروعا في حديقة منزل شمال صنعاء

صنعاء: عبد الستار حتيتة

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